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Portofino is a small fishing village located in the Italian Riviera, in the province of Genoa. It is known for its picturesque harbor, colorful houses, and luxury yachts that dot the Mediterranean Sea. Boating is a popular activity in Portofino, and visitors can rent boats to explore the surrounding waters or hire a private yacht for a more luxurious experience. The harbor is also home to a number of fishing boats, which are still used by local fishermen to catch seafood. In addition to traditional fishing boats, Portofino is also known for its sleek and stylish Riva boats. Riva is a famous Italian brand that produces high-end luxury boats and yachts, which are often seen cruising along the Italian Riviera. Many visitors to Portofino choose to take a boat tour of the surrounding area, which can include stops at nearby beaches, secluded coves, and charming fishing villages. Some of the most popular destinations include San Fruttuoso, a secluded beach accessible only by boat, and Camogli, a charming fishing village known for its colorful houses and excellent seafood restaurants.


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Toy 36

11m – Toy Marine – €2,400