Why do we survey our charter yachts regularly?

Surveying a yacht regularly in Portofino is a good practice for those who charter the vessel, as it helps to ensure its safety, longevity, and the overall satisfaction of the guests. There are several reasons why yacht surveying is important for chartering, and these are outlined below.

Safety: Yacht surveying helps to ensure the safety of the guests and crew on board. The surveyor will examine the vessel from stem to stern, checking for any structural issues, safety equipment, and the overall condition of the yacht. This ensures that the yacht is seaworthy and meets the required safety standards. In the event of an emergency, the yacht and its occupants are more likely to remain safe if the vessel has been regularly surveyed and is in good condition.

Maintenance: A yacht is a complex piece of machinery, and regular surveying helps to identify any issues before they become major problems. The surveyor will check the condition of the engines, generators, electrical systems, and plumbing to ensure they are functioning properly. This can help to extend the lifespan of the yacht, prevent costly repairs, and ensure a smooth sailing experience for the guests.

Value retention: Regular yacht surveying helps to maintain the value of the yacht over time. The surveyor can identify any potential issues and provide recommendations for repairs or upgrades, which can help to preserve the value of the yacht. This is particularly important for those who charter the yacht, as a well-maintained yacht is more likely to attract high-paying guests

Guest satisfaction: Yacht surveying helps to ensure the overall satisfaction of the guests. If the yacht is well-maintained, the guests are more likely to have an enjoyable experience, which can lead to repeat business and positive reviews. On the other hand, a poorly maintained yacht can result in dissatisfied guests, which can negatively impact the reputation of the yacht and its owner.

In conclusion, yacht surveying is a good practice for those who charter yachts in Portofino . It helps to ensure the safety of the guests and crew, maintain the yacht’s value, and improve the overall satisfaction of the guests. It is an investment in the longevity and success of the yacht, and should be carried out on a regular basis by a qualified yacht surveyor in Portofino.


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